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Sinn Fein condemns Bin Charges

Published: 12 January, 2012

Council privatises bin collection
No new waivers - No bin lifts without credit

"A bad day for Dublin, and an even worse day for some of our most vulnerable citizens." Sinn Féin
strongly condemns the decision by Labour and Fine Gael to privatise domestic bin collection.
Under the new system brown and black bins will not be lifted unless your account is in credit. Green bins will not be lifted until you have fully paid the annual service charge.

Lift prices are guaranteed at their current level, but only for the next six months.

The deal was agreed despite three separate Council votes against the decision, and in the face of strong opposition from Sinn Féin.
For months Sinn Féin councillors have been fighting this proposal," Cllr Larry O'Toole said. "But at the last stage, councillors who had previously opposed privatisation change sides. Because of them, tens of thousands of families are being hit facing increased hardship."
Under the deal on the 16th January 2012, Greyhound Recycling and Recovery will assume responsibility for collecting the green, brown and grey bins from the City Council's 140, 000 customers on.
Greyhound have been collecting the City Council's green bin recycling waste for the last three years and Cllr. O'Toole has received many complaints from residents whose green bins were not collected.

Concern over waiver
Sinn Féin representative Denise Mitchell is also extremely concerned about the lack of guarantees around the waiver scheme for low income families and older people.

"In other local authorities where the service was privatised the wavier was withdrawn and the charges increased," she pointed out.

"Worryingly, there is no commitment from Greyhound to accept any new waiver applications. Though the waivers are guaranteed for 2012, what is going to happen next year is not clear."