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Published: 24 August, 2011

Cllr. Larry O'Toole has questioned the wisdom of the new training agency Solas, forcing twenty participants to move from part-time to full time training.

Cllr. O'Toole said, "These participants were given a commitment, and have signed contracts to do nineteen hours per week. They willingly took up the places after having made arrangements for childminding etc... Now they have been informed that they will have to go full time. In many instances this just won't be possible, so the trainees are effectively being denied valuable work related training and experience. This isn't designed to benefit the client, but to suit the demands of the service provider. Surely this is the wrong way round."

Cllr. O'Toole added, "I will be contacting Solas and the Education Minister seeking an explanation for this, in my opinion, backward step. We should be encouraging people to get back into training for their own and their communities long term benefit. Training should be tailored to meet the needs of trainees, not the training providers"